Wood, Wine, Culture

All along the way to the southern Weinviertel ("Wine Quarter") places of historic interest can be found. Apart from visiting a Wehrkirche (fortified church) we will take you to a traditional carpentry to see how furniture is made. After travelling back in time in the romantic open-air museum showing a historic village in Niedersulz, we will end our tour with a stop at a winery where you will be invited to try some of the local wines.

Retzerland and Pulkautal

Lately, literature and TV has helped to bring this area into the public eye with figures like judge Julia and Inspector Polt. Retz already exported its vine as far as Lemberg 600 years ago, but soon after that it became quiet again. This calmness characterises this land with its wine cellars and secrets, the Maltesers in Mailberg and the mystic churches in Pulkau and Schöngrabern. This tranquillity is rare these days and attracts people seeking a rest from the hectic pace of the big cities.

Bisamberg, Korneuburg, Stockerau, Kreuzenstein

A tour through a formerly hard-fought over area near Vienna includes a visit to one of the most beautiful rebuilt medieval castle complexes of the 19th century.

Contact: Heidi Fedorczuk

Castles of the Liechtensteins

The former land of the Liechtenstein family stretched from the north eastern Weinviertel into south Moravia. Wilfersdorf palace shows the family history and Lednice palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) shows beautiful Tudor style, extraordinary wood carving, a huge park and the restored palm house. Do not miss a visit to one of the many wine cellars of which there are plenty on either side of the border.