This tour will take you along the legendary stretch. of the Danube between Melk and Krems, not missing the most famous City of the region, Dürnstein, where the legend of the English King Richard the Lionheart will be a must.


This tour will show you Baroque at its peak in Austria and the monastic culture of the Benedictines. The monks often hosted the Habsburg Emperors on their travels to the west and therefore made sure they could accomodate them with appropriate style.


A trip along the danube on ship will take us from Dürnstein to Krems, one of Austrias oldest cities. From there, you will visit the monastery of Bishop Altmann from Passau, where visitors are greeted with "Pax". It is a meeting place, where the rule of the Benedictines "ora et labora" will be presented to visitors as an advice to a happier life.